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...Helps You to Get Healthy
Nutrition is a critically important aspect of your life, probably more than you realize. The food that you eat can affect your fitness, your physical strength, your happiness and your resistance to disease. It is a complicated subject, however, riddled with confusion, speculation, and misinformation. Nutri-Notes helps you to understand the factors involved as you take control of your nutritional intake, with great potential for improvements in your life 15143.gif (22237 bytes)

...Explains The Latest Research

Nutritional research is going on all around the world and at a great rate. This results in a lot of scientific publications which require expert knowledge to interpret, and especially, to apply to real-life situations and conditions. Nutri-Notes applies nutritional expertise to unravel the great advances that are being made and to present findings in a manner that can be understood by health professionals and the enthusiastic amateur.

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...Gives Nutritional Advice You Can Trust
Health and lifestyle advice is often provided by people who want to cash-in on new fads, and it is commonly poorly based and is sometimes downright dangerous. Nutri-Notes interprets and presents rigorous scientific research and supports recommendations and advice with proper scientific references. If you wish, and if you have the expertise, you can pursue the detailed research papers and understand the technical basis of the suggestions given. Nutri-Notes exists to disseminate timely advice and to uncloak the mystery of nutritional science. wpe2.gif (2281 bytes)
...Provides Publications for your Use
Nutri-Notes provides information and advice through online, printed, and recorded publications, and by means of a lecture program which visits several states and countries. The textual information consists of a bi-monthly newsletter and a reference book on Nutritional Physiology. The Nutri-Notes newsletter has covered many important subject areas, ranging from stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, to PMS, rheumatism, and many more. The Nutritional Physiology book provides comprehensive reference material on a wide range of health conditions and discusses nutritional and lifestyle aspects in each case. It also includes information on the applications of all of the major nutritional components and vitamins, and is backed-up with detailed scientific references throughout.

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About Lynn Toohey

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Nutri-Notes was founded in 1993 by Lynn Toohey.

Lynn Toohey received her PhD in Nutrition from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. She has published articles in peer reviewed journals such as The Journal of Nutrition, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and The Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Reflecting an interest in alternative medicine and nutritional applications for health issues, she also has articles in popular health publications, such as Lifestyles for Health, American Chiropractor, and Positive Health (UK).

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