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Up to date scientific research with an alternative approach.

Nutri-Notes provides nutritional and lifestyle advice to health professionals and enthusiastic amateurs who have an avid interest in up-to-date research and alternative medicine.

Focusing on recent nutritional developments as they relate to health conditions, with suggestions for natural alternatives. Written to simplify the technical information so that you get the background of the latest research in an easy to understand format. Physiology, symptoms, causes and alternative medicine information are discussed. Fully referenced.

Newsletters for end 1999 and early 2000 Now Available!

Some Nutri-Notes Newsletter issues were delayed at the tail end of 1999 but we are now catching up with those issues! Thank you for your patience.

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Newsletter subscriptions were previously offered at $39.95 but this has been reduced to just $25 as a special offer. Hurry to place your order as this promotion is for a limited time only.

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Purchased the Newsletter collection in 1999 and want to extend your subscription through to 2000? Well, you can do it now, and renewals are also reduced to just $10! Another bargain from Nutri-Notes! Click here.

Nutritional Physiology Book Available Online!

The Nutritional Physiology book is a major reference document and a new edition has been published, including a brand new section on Drug/Nutrient interactions, a comprehensive index, and many revisions throughout the text.

Online Access!

The entire Nutri-Notes Newsletter collection and the Nutritional Physiology book can both be purchased and then downloaded online.

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The nutritional suggestions and research reported here are not offered to treat, mitigate or cure disease, and should not be used as a substitute for sound medical advice. This information is intended to be used in conjunction with the services provided by a licensed healthcare practitioner.

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