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Leaky gut, detoxification, menopause, and many other topics - Nutrition Newsletters for Health Professionals.

This page provides an overview of the Nutri-Notes newsletters. It summarises the topics covered in each issue and it links to sample extracts to show the level of detail and the style used.

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Newsletters have been published generally every two months since January 1994. They are listed here in reverse chronological order, with the main topics covered in each issue:

Year Issue Topic(s) Covered...


Vol. 7

January/February (#1) Natural Help for Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus


Vol. 6

November/December (#5) Leaky Gut is a Major Environmental Factor in Autoimmune Disease
September/October (#4) Inflammation: causes and natural solutions
July/August (#3) Natural alternatives to drugs for: depression, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, reflux and cholesterol
March/April (#2) Homocysteine - A major health threat? Depression; heart disease; preeclampsia; osteoporosis; osteoarthritis
January/February (#1) Soy - Cancer; heart disease; weight loss; female health; leaky gut


Vol. 5

November/December (#6) Male Health - Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, prostate cancer, nutrients
September/October (#5) Female Health and phytoestrogens; cancer; calcium & magnesium; progesterone
July/August (#4) Erectile Dysfunction: The controversial new drug Viagra and nutritional alternatives
May/June (#3) Viruses and Resistance: Water supplies; the immune barrier; 'smart' viruses; olive leaf; etc.
March/April (#2)
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Leaky Gut - Detox: Gastrointestinal lining; nutrients; detox pathways

Leaky Gut - Detox: Gastrointestinal lining; nutrients; detox pathways
January/February (#1) Depression: Serotonin; St. John’s Wort; aromatherapy; vitamins

Vol. 4

November/December (#6)
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Osteoarthritis: The roles of vitamin D, antioxidants, and Glucosamine Sulfate
Osteoarthritis: The roles of vitamin D, antioxidants, and Glucosamine Sulfate
September/October (#5) Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity: Possible causes; nutrition
July/August (#4) Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Stress & neuro-hormones; diet; intestinal support; candidiasis
May/June (#3) Multiple Sclerosis: Molecular mimicry; dietary and environmental factors; fatty acids
March/April (#2) Asthma: Physiology; effect of fish oils; oxidant stress; etc.
January/February (#1) Blood sugar and weight management. Free radical attack, the aging process, and diabetics

Vol. 3

November/December (#6)
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Menopause: Physiology; timing: HRT; natural progesterone and other alternatives
Menopause: Physiology; timing: HRT; natural progesterone and other alternatives
September/October (#5) PMS: Link with magnesium; causes and symptoms; effect of diet; substances to avoid; plant support; the menstrual clock
July/August (#4) Diabetes: Nutrients for blood sugar; trace minerals
May/June (#3) Hypoglycemia: Glycemic index, the pancreas; symptoms; recommendations
March/April (#2) High blood pressure and hypertension: The role of Vitamin C, kelp, and ions
January/February (#1) Leaky Gut Syndrome: Tight junctions; 3 phases to repair and recovery

Vol. 2

November/December (#5) The Liver: Physiology, threats and protection
September/October (#4) Arthritis: Immune power; echinacea; joint degeneration; etc.
July/August (#3)
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Large Intestine: Physiology; Candidiasis; relief
The Large Intestine: Physiology; Candidiasis; relief
May/June (#2) Digestion Pt. 2: Research on digestive enzymatic aids; digestion and absorption physiology; the liver and pancreas; nutritional aids
March/April (#1) Digestion Pt. 1: Helicobacter Pylori; Chlorella; digestion physiology; ulcers; antacids; alternatives
January/February (No issue published)

Vol. 1

November/December Vitamin C: Blood pressure; cholesterol; the immune system, and more
September/October (#5) Essential fatty acids: Brain development; fatty acid balance; Omega-3; resisting disease
July/August (#4) Free radicals & Antioxidants: Reactions; repurcussions; relief
May/June (#3) Antioxidants and the Eye: Macular degeneration; therapy; diabetic retinopathy; cataracts
March/April (#2)
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Injuries: Coping with sports injuries; inflammation; relief
Injuries: Coping with sports injuries; inflammation; relief
January/February (#1) Preparing for the Flu season: What is the immune system? Making the Cold uncommon; Test your NutrI-Q

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